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Floor Oiling

After your floor is sanded you can also choose oil as your sealant. Unlike lacquer oil does require some regular upkeep. This takes the form of regularly washing with sugar soap and less frequently and application of maintenance oil. 

Oils and hardwax oils are usually applied to bare timber in 2 coats, but this will depend on the type of wood.  Hard wax oils are more durable than a simple flooring oil but they do require similar maintenance. Oil based sealants are regarded locally repairable in practice. What this suggests is that a damaged area can be rubbed back and re treated rather than the whole floor. Our own experience has taught us that these repaired areas don’t easily blend with the original floor and time and wear need to pass in order for blending to be seen. 

Oils usually take between 6 and 10 hours to become touch dry. Hard wax oils can be quicker however curing times can be up to seven days. These times vary from product to product. 

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